What Is L-Theanine? The Amino Acid That Boosts Brain Power

(Hint: You May Never Look at Tea the Same Way Again!) Nootropics can increase alertness, improve memory, decrease mental fatigue and help you sleep better, among several other very useful effects that they have been shown to provide. (Sorry, they won’t turn you into Bradley Cooper’s character from Limitless.) One of the most interesting of … Read more

What Is Aniracetam? How This Smart Drug Can Boost Your Brain.

Can you use drugs to increase your intelligence? While you cannot suddenly become a genius by merely taking a pill, you can nonetheless benefit from nootropics or smart drugs. Smart drugs are not a fad, as the drugs are very potent. They do not merely deliver some minimal benefits. You can use drugs to boost … Read more

Food For Thought: Top 6 Brain Boosting Foods For Better Mental Health

We all know that what we eat is important to our overall health, and we all have a basic grasp on what real nutrition is: eat whole, complete foods; avoid processed junk; and when it comes to things with ingredients labels, the fewer things (and things you recognize) in the list, the better! But nutrition … Read more