Biohacking For Better Health

As biohacking continues to grow in popularity and more people decide to try it out, one of the biggest questions they have is this: can biohacking really improve my health? That’s a fair question. While many of the biohacks we’ve talked about and looked into are interesting (and some controversial), can they really change your body … Read more

Biohacking for Longevity: Is It Possible to Live Forever?

Larry Ellison, founder of Oracle. Peter Thiel, co-founder of PayPal. Larry Page, co-founder of Google. What do these three extremely rich and powerful men have in common (besides, you know, untold wealth)? It’s that all three have invested millions of dollars into biohacking research to extend human life.  Dave Asprey, the CEO of a supplement … Read more

6 Best Biohacks to Boost Your Metabolism & Lose Weight

Weight and metabolism go hand-in-hand. Give them both a hand with these metabolism-boosting biohacks. Maintaining a healthy weight, especially during times of crisis or stress, isn’t as easy as it sounds. We humans tend to overeat, stress eat and oftentimes eat things that barely even qualify as foods. (We’re looking at you, Twinkies.) That’s not … Read more

Are There Biohacks to Increase Your Energy?

Yes there are and, even better, they’re easy to use and most don’t cost anything From boardrooms to bedrooms and everywhere in between, millions of Americans have the same big, consistent complaint; “I just don’t have enough energy!” It seems that today we’re all so busy trying to do everything that, oftentimes, we don’t do … Read more

Tabata For Beginners – The 4-Minute Workout To Change Your Life

How to start using the world’s most intense workout to sculpt a lean body (without spending hours at the gym) If you haven’t yet heard of the Tabata workout you’re in for a pleasant, yet intense, surprise. Tabata is the ultimate body hack, delivering an intense aerobic and anaerobic workout in, get this, 4 minutes … Read more