Biohacking Tips for Men

Biohacking has been around for quite a long time, even though it hasn’t always been called by that name. As we mentioned in our blog about Biohacking Hormones for Men, the ancient Inca people of Peru gave maca root to their soldiers before battle because of the energy boost that it provided. Many Asian countries … Read more

Biohacking Hormones For Men

Biohacking isn’t specifically for men or women but can be used by everyone to improve their biology in one way or another (or several ways). There are, however, some biohacks that work well for men and others that work well for women, and most of them have to do with biohacking hormones. Chemical substances produced … Read more

The Wild World of Biohacking Technology

From wearables to implants and beyond, biohacking tech continues to evolve. There are, to be sure, plenty of biohacking methods that don’t involve any type of technology. From nootropics like caffeine to mindfulness, meditation and ice baths, biohacks that can improve your biology using natural factors are numerous and natural. In this article, however, we’re … Read more

Biohacking For Women – All You Need To Know

Biohacking devotees will tell you that biohacking is the art and science of changing your own biology to optimize your potential. And, yes,  there are some…interesting biohacks being performed out there, to be sure. (Bioluminescent light implantation, anyone?) But if body modification isn’t for you (and you don’t own your own scalpel) there are still … Read more