Biohacking, CRISPR and the Ever-Changing World of DIY Biology

If you’re a regular reader of our biohacking blogs, you know that we talk about a wide variety of biohacks. Everything from biohacks for reducing inflammation to others for biohacking depression, weight loss, longevity, building muscles and more. In short, there’s a wide world of DIY biology out there that’s being discovered by a new … Read more

Are Eggs Good for Your Health?

They’re edible; they’re incredible, and yes, they’re very good for your health. Humans have been eating eggs for literally thousands of years. Some of the reasons why are because chickens make eggs quite easily and with very little help needed (even from roosters). Eggs also store extremely well for weeks without refrigeration and, most importantly, … Read more

The Best Biohacks for Reducing Inflammation

How to biohack this important, but chronic disease-causing, natural response   There are few natural responses in the human body more important, yet more infuriating, than inflammation. One of the vital reactions of the human body’s immune response system, inflammation helps your body to heal and repair itself when it gets damaged in almost any way. … Read more