All About Biohacking For Athletes

Millions of athletes around the world go out and exercise every day. They do it for their physical health, mental health, and how it makes their bodies look. What most of them don’t know, however, is that they’re not just athletes (or weekend warriors) but biohackers.  See, exercise is a form of biohacking. You’re performing … Read more

Easy, Fast and Effective Tabata Workouts

There are countless styles, methods, and techniques to biohack fitness and improve your body, physically-speaking. Some of them increase your strength, others help you lose weight, and many will improve your flexibility and help you build strong, lean muscles.  The biggest drawback most of these methods and techniques have is that they take too much … Read more

How To Biohack Your Brain

It’s not as easy as it is in the movies, but it is possible. Ever since the movie Limitless came out (you know, the one with Bradley Cooper?), everyone has been scrambling to find a similar nootropic. Nootropics, aka “smart drugs,” aren’t fictional (although the one taken by Cooper in the movie is). There are … Read more

Top Tips for Biohacking Brain Health

The abilities of the human brain have allowed us to become masters of planet earth. Bigger, stronger, and smarter than practically every other mammal, our brains’ ability to think, reason and problem solve have been an evolutionary game-changer for the human race. (It put us, thank goodness, at the top of the food chain.) The … Read more