Top 7 Ways Meditation Can Help With Depression

As biohacks go, meditation to reduce depression is a practically perfect example. It’s safe, 100% natural, costs nothing, and delivers excellent, health-improving benefits. Few biohacking methods or techniques can make those same claims, putting meditation high on your ‘do this a lot’ list if you suffer from depression.  But what, exactly, is meditation and, more … Read more

Everything You Need To Know About Autophagy

Everything You Need To Know about Autophagy One of the most amazing things the human body can do is heal itself, especially when you treat it and feed it right. Throughout our lives, humans are on a constant cycle of breaking down cells, building new cells, and then repeating the process over and over until … Read more

Who Are the Biohackers Using CRISPR Technology?

It used to be that only universities and massive pharmaceutical companies were the ones messing (OK, experimenting) with human biology. These days, however, there are many independent scientists performing experiments on their own. Some aren’t even biologists but just curious people trying to improve their physical or mental health. These folks, as you probably already … Read more