The Top 4 Ways to Promote Brain Health

Unlike every other major organ in the human body, the brain is in control of them all. Sure, your heart is essential, as is your liver, lungs, and, well, all the rest. But, without a brain up in your noggin, keeping things organized and running smoothly, none of the rest would really matter. (You’d be, … Read more

Which Magnesium is the Best for Better Sleep

There are, to be sure, many different vitamins and minerals that the human body needs to stay healthy and well. From vitamin A to Zinc and many more in between, all of these vitamins and minerals are vital, although some are more vital than others.  One of the most important is magnesium, as it’s involved … Read more

Top 10 Facts About Probiotics and Weight Loss

Obesity is, unfortunately, an epidemic in the United States, with millions suffering the ill effects of carrying too many pounds. That, of course, has led many to seek biohacks for weight loss, with both good and not-so-good results.  One of the better biohacks, though, is the use of probiotics to help with weight loss. In … Read more

Top 9 Effects Meditation Has on the Brain

The human brain is, by any estimation, incredible. That being said, people have always been searching for ways to biohack it and make the brain even stronger and more capable. One of those biohacks is meditation, which has long been revered as a way to calm the brain and keep it focused.  Indeed, research on … Read more

Top 7 Facts About Ketosis and Brain Health

A ketogenic diet is one of the most trendy diets to come along in quite some time. That’s understandable, considering the supposed health benefits it provides, like managing diabetes and helping with weight loss. Ketosis also seems to be very beneficial for the human brain. That’s because the brain is (mostly) fueled by ketones when … Read more