Can Exercise Help Reduce Anxiety?

The benefits of regular physical exercise – improved physical condition, stronger muscles, increased stamina, etc. – were established decades ago, and the world soon followed suit. Today, exercise is considered vital for optimal health and wellness and is recommended for everyone, from children to seniors. That’s no surprise when you consider how effective exercise is … Read more

Top 5 Tips on How To Biohack Deep Sleep

Insomnia is a problem that affects millions of Americans. Most find themselves constantly tired, with low or no energy that affects every aspect of their life, including at home, work, relationships, and more. Even worse, besides the obvious symptoms of low energy, lack of concentration, etc., chronic fatigue due to insomnia is a ‘silent killer.’ … Read more

Top 9 Superfoods that Help with Digestion

Let’s be honest; very few people pay attention to their digestive systems. That is until they suddenly start to suffer from GI conditions like IBS, diarrhea, and others. That’s when, unfortunately, most begin taking medications for whatever digestive-system-caused health problem they have. However, some more enlightened folks look for all-natural biohacks to reduce their digestive … Read more

Top 9 Ways Meditation Changes the Brain

One of the areas that interests biohackers most is the brain, and for good reason. If biohacking means making human body parts and systems work better, get stronger and live longer, it only makes sense to biohack the one organ that rules the whole shebang, the brain. Millions of people perform meditation for this very … Read more

Can You Biohack your Anxiety

As you dig deeper into biohacking, you might notice that, like apps, there seems to be a biohack for everything. (“There’s a biohack for that!”) From building muscle to improving your heart health, memory, sleep, etc., there are biohacks that can be employed to make them all easier, better, more robust, and so forth. There’s … Read more

What Can an Elimination Diet Help You Detect

Millions of Americans today suffer from food allergies and other types of food sensitivities. Indeed, a recent study surmised that between 2% to 20% of the world’s population has some kind of food intolerance. For most, the question of why they have a food intolerance isn’t nearly as important as what to do about it … Read more

Top 8 Facts About Tabata Yoga

You’ve heard about Tabata, you’ve heard about yoga… But have you heard about tabata yoga? It might seem like these two exercise styles could never work together, but you may be shocked to hear the incredible benefits and facts for doing tabata yoga!  Fact 1- Tabata Yoga Combines the Best of Both Worlds Yoga, for … Read more