What Is Exercise Kinesiology?

If you’re an athlete, weekend warrior or someone looking to get back in shape, exercise and movement are vitally important. Let’s face it; you can’t get in shape or stay in shape without some kind of exercise. More important than exercise, however, is how you perform the exercise. For example, if you’re lifting weights, you … Read more

The Amazing Benefits of the LISS Cardio Workout

It seems like every day, there’s another new workout routine that promises amazing benefits. Most, frankly, are just ‘new and improved’ versions of older workout routines. LISS cardio is one of those workout routines that’s been practiced in gyms for a few decades. Surprisingly, however, it delivers on all of its promises.  LISS stands for … Read more

How And Why Cryotherapy Works (And Why It’s So Amazing)

In the last few years cryotherapy, or cold therapy, has become all the rage. From professional athletes to weekend warriors, seniors and folks simply looking to reduce their arthritis symptoms, cryotherapy has become their therapy of choice. In today’s article, we’re going to take a cold, hard look (pun definitely intended) at cryotherapy to see … Read more

Biohacking, CRISPR and the Ever-Changing World of DIY Biology

If you’re a regular reader of our biohacking blogs, you know that we talk about a wide variety of biohacks. Everything from biohacks for reducing inflammation to others for biohacking depression, weight loss, longevity, building muscles and more. In short, there’s a wide world of DIY biology out there that’s being discovered by a new … Read more