Who Are the Biohackers Using CRISPR Technology?

It used to be that only universities and massive pharmaceutical companies were the ones messing (OK, experimenting) with human biology. These days, however, there are many independent scientists performing experiments on their own. Some aren’t even biologists but just curious people trying to improve their physical or mental health. These folks, as you probably already … Read more

Top Tips for Biohacking Brain Health

The abilities of the human brain have allowed us to become masters of planet earth. Bigger, stronger, and smarter than practically every other mammal, our brains’ ability to think, reason and problem solve have been an evolutionary game-changer for the human race. (It put us, thank goodness, at the top of the food chain.) The … Read more

The Top Biohacks For Beating Depression

Biohacking is defined as optimizing your health and well-being by hacking your biology, getting your body to do things more, less or differently than it normally does. It involves using a wide variety of techniques and methods or drastically changing what you put in and on your body. Biohacking is also, quite frankly, defined another … Read more

What Is L-Theanine? The Amino Acid That Boosts Brain Power

(Hint: You May Never Look at Tea the Same Way Again!) Nootropics can increase alertness, improve memory, decrease mental fatigue and help you sleep better, among several other very useful effects that they have been shown to provide. (Sorry, they won’t turn you into Bradley Cooper’s character from Limitless.) One of the most interesting of … Read more