How To Biohack Your Brain

It’s not as easy as it is in the movies, but it is possible. Ever since the movie Limitless came out (you know, the one with Bradley Cooper?), everyone has been scrambling to find a similar nootropic. Nootropics, aka “smart drugs,” aren’t fictional (although the one taken by Cooper in the movie is). There are … Read more

All About Biohacking Nutrition

It’s not as difficult, expensive, or involved as many people think. Millions of Americans are starting to get in on the biohacking craze that’s been sweeping the nation. With devices, supplements, smart-drugs, and more, they’re tapping into the unknown reserves of their body and, in many ways, making it better, stronger, and smarter.  Of course, … Read more

Biohacking NFC Implants – How To Upgrade Your Body

Biohacking is the augmentation of the human body through technology or any other substance that makes the body stronger, smarter, faster, etc. Biohackers claim that, by implanting state-of-the-art tech under the skin, humans will better interact with the world around them. Biohacking technology is improving rapidly. Some ask if cyborgs will become a reality soon … Read more

Superfoods and Their Incredible Health Benefits

Superfoods. Although it’s a bit of a misnomer (have you ever seen a tomato with X-ray vision?), some foods are much better than others in terms of their nutritional value. Kale, for example, is much more nutritious than iceberg lettuce. While both are ‘healthy,’ kale is a powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, while iceberg … Read more

Are Eggs Good for Your Health?

They’re edible; they’re incredible, and yes, they’re very good for your health. Humans have been eating eggs for literally thousands of years. Some of the reasons why are because chickens make eggs quite easily and with very little help needed (even from roosters). Eggs also store extremely well for weeks without refrigeration and, most importantly, … Read more

Food For Thought: Top 6 Brain Boosting Foods For Better Mental Health

We all know that what we eat is important to our overall health, and we all have a basic grasp on what real nutrition is: eat whole, complete foods; avoid processed junk; and when it comes to things with ingredients labels, the fewer things (and things you recognize) in the list, the better! But nutrition … Read more