Everything You Need to Know About the Uses and Benefits of Moringa

Searching for information you can use to start biohacking with moringa? If yes, you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got the scoop on moringa, what it is, what it does, and why it’s one of the hottest superfoods on the market right now. Read on to find out all about this fantastic food!

Moringa is Known as the “Miracle Tree”

Indigenous to the Indian subcontinent in South Asia, moringa is known as the “miracle tree,” the drumstick, and the horseradish tree. Extremely drought-resistant, moringa grows incredibly fast. Indeed, it’s one of the fastest-growing trees on the planet. 

Today you’ll find moringa trees in Central America and the Caribbean, some parts of South America, and both West and East Africa. Not only is it easy and durable for farming, but it’s a nutritional powerhouse that offers a wide variety of health benefits.

Moringa is Loaded with Vitamins, Minerals and other Vital Nutrients

A food doesn’t become labeled as a “superfood” unless it’s incredibly nutritious, and moringa earns the label easily. It’s so full of different nutrients that there are volumes of books dedicated to the tree and its nutritious goodness. For example, moringa has:

  • More vitamin C than oranges.
  • More vitamin A than carrots.
  • More magnesium than eggs.
  • More vitamin B2 and potassium than bananas.
  • More vitamin B3 than peanuts.

If that list doesn’t impress you, maybe knowing that moringa also has eight essential amino acids and 46 different antioxidants will, including flavonoids, carotenoids, and ascorbic acid. The plant also has over 90 other nutrients and 36 compounds that are anti-inflammatory, including phenolic derivatives.

Speaking of anti-inflammatory, moringa is very similar to turmeric in reducing chronic inflammation.

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What Are the Different Ways Moringa Can Improve Your Health?

There are, to be sure, numerous uses for moringa that are very beneficial for a wide variety of health conditions and concerns. Biohacking with moringa is easy as it’s widely available in powdered form at most health food stores and, of course, online. Below are some of the ways you can use moringa to biohack your health:

  • As a Daily Blast of Chemical-Free Nutrients

As we mentioned earlier and will undoubtedly mention again, moringa is loaded with vitamins, minerals, trace elements, and other nutritious ingredients. That includes vitamins A, C, and most of the B vitamins. It also provides calcium, protein, iron, and eight essential amino acids, along with a vast assortment of antioxidants, including ascorbic acid and phenolic compounds.

  • Moringa is Believed to Help Breastmilk Production 

For eons, expectant mothers around the world have used moringa to help increase their production of breastmilk. However, there haven’t been many extensive studies done to determine if this is true and why. 

Researchers believe that it might be the plant sterols found in moringa, but they haven’t pinpointed the exact reason as of yet. 

However, one true thing is that a woman who is taking moringa to increase her breastmilk will also give her baby all of the nutritional benefits the superfood provides.

  • Moringa is a Fantastic Source of Nutrition for Vegans, Vegetarians, and the Lactose Intolerant

Vegans and vegetarians who don’t consume animal-based foods often find that they are nutritionally deficient, especially when it comes to iron, calcium, and protein. Lactose intolerant people have similar problems as they can’t eat dairy foods and get all the nutrients therein.

These nutrients are widely found in animal foods but less in plants except for, you guessed it, moringa.

For example, there’s more calcium in moringa than cow’s milk. There’s also more iron in moringa than spinach, and it contains more protein than regular yogurt.

  • Moringa is Excellent for Athletes Who Need a Competitive Edge

Because they’re highly active, athletes need more and better nutrition, including all of the vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients food should provide but, frankly, is lacking these days. 

Something else athletes need is an excellent supply of oxygen to their blood as well as stable circulation. 

Moringa provides all of these, and more, due to its high vitamin A and C content, which are involved in the circulatory system. The antioxidants found in moringa also protect an athlete’s cell tissue when they’re strenuously exercising. 

Moringa Can Replace a Cabinet Full of Supplements

Depending on how you value your health and wellness, it’s likely you have a wide variety of supplements in your kitchen that you take daily. That’s good, mostly, because taking supplements is better than taking nothing. 

However, the problem is that many supplements are created using a wide variety of chemicals and have all sorts of unnecessary and even harmful ingredients.

As we’ve mentioned several times already, Moringa is a nutritional powerhouse that’s packed with all sorts of excellent nutrients. It’s also easy to incorporate into your diet, as we’ll see below. Frankly, it could easily replace the vast majority of supplements in most kitchens.

How To Biohack Moringa into your Diet

Biohacking with moringa couldn’t be much easier. You can find it sold in some grocery stores, most health food stores, and, as we mentioned earlier, online. It usually comes in powder form, which is the most popular. You can also find it in tea, however, as well as capsules and moringa extract.

Below are some of the best methods of incorporating moringa into your diet:

  • Purchase it in tea form and drink it like you would coffee or tea.
  • Put moringa into your baked goods, keeping in mind that it will turn some of them green.
  • Mix moringa in your next batch of guacamole for an extra boost of antioxidants.
  • Shake moringa powder or flakes onto your salad or, even better, put it in your salad dressing. 
  • Put some moringa in your favorite soup recipe. 

One thing to keep in mind is that moringa has a very earthy taste. It’s similar to spirulina and kelp, and other green superfoods, which is to say that it’s not the tastiest plant on the planet, at least on its own. However, mixed in with recipes or made into a moringa pesto, it can be pretty delicious.

Last Words

We think you’ll agree that moringa is an absolutely amazing superfood that you should incorporate into every person’s diet. It’s stuffed with nutrients that are incredibly valuable for the human body. 

While it might not be super easy to find in the United States (no surprise there), it’s definitely available and can easily be incorporated into practically anyone’s daily diet plans. If you’re into biohacking your health and wellness, there are few foods better than moringa.

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