What Is Oxiracetam – Give Your Brain Some Super Speed!

Do legal over the counter and prescription drugs that claim to be able to boost your brainpower even work? Most people would assume that such drugs are useless. However, these drugs are quite a lot more useful than you would think. It is a simple fact that drugs can boost your brainpower. These drugs are known as nootropics or smart drugs. Smart drugs can improve your life. People who try nootropics for the first time are amazed by the benefits.

Are nootropics effective?

Absolutely! Smart drugs can help you get quite a lot more done in the day than you could without them. Smart drugs also make it more enjoyable to get things done. Formerly frustrating and challenging tasks become easy on these drugs. Do not make the mistake of thinking these drugs are not better than caffeine or sugar. They are far more effective.

What is Oxiracetam?

Oxiracetam is a great place to start if you are considering trying smart drugs for the first time. Oxiracetam has been around since the 1970s and has been used by people who take brain-boosting drugs for decades. Oxiracetam helps you think faster, remember more clearly, and focus. The drug can also wake you up, help you speak more intelligently, and may even prevent dementia in the old. The drug may have neuroprotective properties, preventing gradual damage to the brain.

What is Oxiracetam used for?

When you first take the drug, you may find that it makes your brain work better in general, and does not merely improve a specific ability. The drug has plenty of different effects and will make you feel like a saner and smarter individual.

Oxiracetam and memory

Studies on animals and humans show that Oxiracetam can restore failing memory in the elderly. The drug is not yet proven to boost a younger person’s ability to remember. However, many people who use the drug say that it improves their short term and long term memory.

What is Oxiracetam’s effect on your ability to learn?

The drug is capable of helping students learn faster. It can help students learn quickly for exams and learn pure mathematics faster. Animal studies also suggest that the drug boosts learning speed.

What is Oxiracetam’s effect on wakefulness?

While the drug is not primarily a stimulant, it is a stimulant in part. The drug can help you snap out of drowsiness. The drug can increase blood flow to the brain, which can fill a tired person with energy.

How does the drug protect the brain from damage?

Some promising studies suggest that the drug can block brain toxins that are associated with Alzheimer’s disease. While doctors do not yet prescribe Oxiracetam or similar drugs for dementia, they may do so in the future if more evidence appears in favor of these drugs.

Oxiracetam and concentration

Oxiracetam can also help you focus. While using the drug, you can pay attention for a longer time without getting brain fog or losing interest. The drug’s ability to help you concentrate has made it popular with students for decades.

What is Oxiracetam’s safe dose and effective dose?

People should take this drug in large rather than small doses. A few milligrams will do nothing at all. You need larger doses for the drug to be able to do anything. A gram or even two and a half grams per day is the right way to go.

The drug leaves a person’s system fast and quickly loses its effect. Therefore, you should take the drug a few times a day and not only a single time. A gram to somewhat more than two grams in total spread throughout the day.

Since the drug does not last very long, its effect maxes out an hour after you take it. If you are studying for an exam or learning a new skill, take the drug one hour before you begin learning. Taking the drug many days in a row is a good idea. It takes a few days of daily use before your mental performance maxes out.

How does the drug work?

Like many smart drugs, it has more than one effect on the brain. The drug both encourages the production of some neurotransmitters and makes the brain more sensitive to some neurotransmitters. These changes make the brain fast and tireless.

The drug increases acetylcholine and glutamate

The drug boosts the production of the crucial neurotransmitters acetylcholine and glutamate. Both of these chemicals are vital for memory and concentration.

Oxiracetam improves communication between neurons

Oxiracetam causes the brain to produce D-aspartic acid, which improves communication between neurons. This allows the brain to regulate emotions, the nervous system, and memory more effectively.

Is it ok to take two nootropics at once?

You may want to talk to your doctor about what combinations you are considering, but people do combine different nootropics without harm. Sometimes, you can have a particularly good time learning difficult skills if you take more than one drug. Many people use combinations of different smart drugs to improve their lives.

Mixing Oxiracetam with Alpha-GPC (a different nootropic that raises the level of choline in the brain) is one of the best and most common combinations. If you take the two together, both drugs strengthen each other’s effects. Choline can also prevent the side effects of Oxiracetam.

Oxiracetam is part of a class of drugs known as racetams. Two other drugs in the same class are Aniracetam and Piracetam. If you combine Oxiracetam with the other two drugs, you may end up with a stronger and longer-lasting effect. Be careful when combining different nootropics, because some can intensify each other’s effects. Use low doses, especially if you have not tried such a combination before.

Is Oxiracetam legal?

Like other racetams, Oxiracetam is unregulated in the United States. The food and drug administration does not approve of it. However, there are also no laws against the drug. It is, therefore, unregulated. If you want it, it is entirely legal to order it online. Stores that sell it tend not to run into any trouble. They may use legal loopholes, such as claiming to be selling Oxiracetam for research purposes. If you sell it and claim that it can cure or prevent certain diseases, that is against the law. Since the FDA does not approve of it, you must use a disclaimer that says that the drug is not intended to cure any disease.

In many parts of the world, these drugs exist in a legal grey area. Sometimes they are regulated by the law and sold as prescription medication, but mostly they are neither fully approved nor banned by the law. Buying these drugs is not likely to be breaking any laws unless your country is an exceptional case. Selling these drugs in countries where there are no laws for or against them might or might not be legal. You could potentially end up being charged with a crime if you sell these drugs, but such cases are rare. Most nootropics, including Oxiracetam, are too harmless to ban.

What is Oxiracetam’s reputation for safety?

The drug seems to be safe, unable to harm even in high doses. Scientists have not, however, rigorously tested its safety. Possibly, taking a very high dose for an extended period could harm. It might also be possible for the drug to hurt you if you have a particular medical condition or take it in combination with other drugs. Racetams seem to be safe, but they are not conclusively proven to be.

Does Oxiracetam appear in nature?

No. It is a synthetic substance that was invented in the 1970s and is not a synthetic form of any substance found naturally in any food. One cannot find a natural source of the drug.

What should I do if the drug is having little or no effect?

Continue to take a few doses per day for at least five days, and you should feel very significantly different. Racetams are strong as well as safe drugs. It should make you feel quite different and improve your abilities. If it is still not working after five days, try combining the drug with choline.

Does the drug have any side effects?

Yes, you can end up with some unpleasant but not dangerous side effects. If you take too much without being used to it, your body might have an adverse reaction. You can get headaches, trouble sleeping, or anxiety from the drug. Like other stimulants, you should be careful about taking it in the evening. People who are not used to the drug may be up all night if they use it before bed.

Nootropics are not quack medicine by any means. They are neither too dangerous to use nor too ineffective to bother with. Even caffeine is capable of making people much more productive than they would be without it. Racetams have much more power to lift your mood and boost your productivity than common stimulants like caffeine. Racetams do not merely relieve fatigue but make your brain work faster. It is not much of an exaggeration to say that these drugs actually increase your intelligence.

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